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كاميرا بدي فوجي فيلم FujiFilm Camera X-Pro3 Body

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كاميرا بدي فوجي فيلم FujiFilm Camera X-Pro3 Body

2,025,000 دينار

Dura Black

الماركة: FujiFilm

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From the start, the X Series has made sure to preserve the elegance, beauty and functionality of a camera while making sure we respect the history of photography. Once you pick up this camera, you will feel this and enjoy the sense of nostalgia. The unique character of the titanium finish will never be lost. You quickly realize a camera is much more than just a photographic tool.
The frame of the camera body is made from magnesium, while the top cover and the base plate, which are the parts exposed to the elements are made from corrosion resistant titanium.
Street photographers prefer to carry their camera on them rather than putting it in a bag, to make sure they are ready to capture those fleeting moments that will never exist again. What they need is a compact, lightweight and reliable camera, allowing them to focus on capturing the world around them.