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عدسة كاميرا فوجي فيلم FujiFilm Lens F16MM F1.4

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عدسة كاميرا فوجي فيلم FujiFilm Lens F16MM F1.4



الماركة: FujiFilm

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This Fuji wide prime lens – designed for users with an interest in landscape work – is an amazing lens for photographers where depth-of-field and low-light capabilities are a must. With its fixed f1.4 aperture, the versatility you have to control your focus is virtually limitless. With a minimum focal distance of 15cm, this lens also appeals to macro photographers. With high-speed auto-focus and a weather-sealed structure, conditions should never be a factor in capturing the perfect shot.

Fixed f1.4 Aperture – extreme great for low-light.
Fast auto-focus system.
Weather-sealed, dust-proof and can perform in temperatures down to -10 degrees.
Macro capabilities of up to 15cm.
Compact size, making it handy to travel with.