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غطاء يعلق بسهولة لساعة ذكية《Watchsuit Black/Gray》A Cover That Easily attaches a Smart Watch or Watch in 5 Seconds! It is a Cover That can be Easily Worn in Various situations Such as Sports and Work.

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غطاء يعلق بسهولة لساعة ذكية《Watchsuit Black/Gray》A Cover That Easily a



الماركة: WATCH SUIT

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Color: Black/Gray yellow-green thread


  • ✅ It can be attached to more than 98% of various watches as it is.
  • ✅ The three-layer structure of stretch fabric and urethane material is elastic, breathable and resilient.
  • ✅ Does not interfere with the sensors on the back of the smartwatch.
  • ✅ Compatible watch sizes range from 30mm to 47mm in dial case and around 24mm in band.
  • ✅ Recommended for Apple Watch, Google Pixel Watch, GARMIN, fitbit, mechanical luxury watches, etc.

Details: A cover that easily attaches a smart watch or watch in 5 seconds! It is a cover that can be easily worn in various situations such as sports and work. Valuable smartwatches and watches It protects the entire from scratches, cracks, and shocks, and has the effect of not damaging other objects.

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.0 x 1.1 inches

Part Number: WSK-004

model number: WSK-004