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زيت الشعر للشعر الجاف التالف Pack Rice Water for Hair Growth, Hair oil for Dry Damaged Hair and Growth, Hair Growth Serum for Stronger, Thicker, Longer Hair, Natural Hair Moisturizer & Conditioner with Vitamin & Mineral - 2.02 fl.oz

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زيت الشعر للشعر الجاف التالف Pack Rice Water for Hair Growth, Hair oil



الماركة: sefudun

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Brand: sefudun


  • 【Stimulates Hair Growth】Rice Water is known as natural hair care serum with rich minerals and vitamins that promote natural hair growth and relieve hair loss. Natural and Safe, no side effects.
  • 【Repair Damaged Hair】Rice water hair growth serum also contains a carbohydrate called inositol, which repairs damaged hair and protects it from further damage. Originally healthy hair can also be better protected.
  • 【Hair Oil Treatment】The hair oil for dry damaged hair contains amino acids, inositol, vitamins B, C and E, rich in minerals and antioxidants that makes rice water serum works great in hair, scalp or skin. This rice water for hair growth is light consistency and not sticky, can be absorbed quickly.
  • 【Nourishes & Strengthens Hair】The rice water for hair growth can strengthen hair roots and nourishes the scalp, make hair smooth, silky and more shiny. Strengthens thin and brittle hair for visibly thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair.
  • 【Stress Relieved】Wet hair massage with rice water serum can improve blood circulation, nourishes your hair while relaxing your mind and body.

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.1 x 1.9 inches