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لوحة مفاتيح اسود دوكي Ducky ONE 2 MINI BLACK BLUE SWITCH

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لوحة مفاتيح اسود دوكي Ducky ONE 2 MINI BLACK BLUE SWITCH

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الماركة: 10127

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  • Version 2: features 2 more led's placed under the space bar for more even light distribution; improved design of pcb for enhanced connection stability; increased functionality from dip Switch
  • Genuine Cherry MX Blue switches - Experience all the hype of clicky tactile feedback with genuine Blue Cherry MX switches, made in Germany
  • New RGB interface - The New interface allows you to now customize the RGB lighting via software while still being able to customize it Manually without software on the physical keyboard
  • Double Shot Keycaps - Experience comfort and clarity with Duckys double shot molded keycaps made from PBT and ABS plastics. The absolute best keycaps for the office, casual use and for gaming
  • True RGB Backlighting - customize your Backlighting with complete RGB customization. Use the single key function to map out zones, and choose the exact colour with Ducky RGB blending functions